The Offset Mower Hitch

A New Level Of Mowing Performance!

Keep your tractor on the level road for ultimate safety & comfort! The Offset Hitch can be connected to any brand of rotary mower, pull style or three-point hitch. Level Tractor operation results in balanced lubrication levels and less wear and tear on tires, rims, bearings, gears and other working parts. The skid plate, bolted on the ditch side axle, allows the hitch to be pulled through heavy moisture areas, which wouldn’t normally be accessible. The hydraulic cylinder can be extended or retracted to maneuver around obstacles, keeping the tractor closer to the cutting area and off the middle of the road.

  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Quality construction
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Easy to service
  • Additional Options: Skid Plate, 3-point Hitch